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Virginia Rojas Albrieux, Psychologist, OMC Virginia Rojas Albrieux, Psychologist, OMC
Director of Education for the EEG Institute

Virginia Rojas Albrieux is a psychologist and Director of Education for EEG Info.

Virginia is committed to supporting clinicians to reach a high level of competence in applying the Othmer Method of neurofeedback through professional training courses and mentoring.

She has been involved with neurofeedback since 2006, training children and adults in her practice. Virginia has taught the Othmer Method throughout Latin America, India, and the US, both in English and Spanish language.

She holds additional studies in Mind/Body medicine and neuropsychology, is particularly interested in developmental trauma, and is very passionate about neuroscience, nutrition, and brain health.
Siegfried Othmer Siegfried Othmer, PhD
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Since 1985 Siegfried Othmer has been engaged in the development of research-grade instrumentation for EEG feedback, and since 1987 has been involved in the research of clinical applications utilizing that instrumentation. Currently he is Chief Scientist at the EEG Institute in Woodland Hills, California.
Kurt Othmer, BA Kurt Othmer, BA

Kurt received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1998 with a minor in music and his Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 1999 from the Davidson Honors College at The University of Montana. At the age of 9 Kurt Othmer found himself part of the neurofeedback community due to the needs of his brother Brian. Kurt's parents Sue and Siegfried Othmer became the leading educators and innovators in the neurofeedback field.

Kurt founded EEG Info in 2002 as a new home for his family's training courses and clinical work. He also formed a non-profit in 2003 after his late brother The Brian Othmer Foundation, with its primary project Home Coming 4 Veterans, a non-profit outreach program providing free services to veterans through over 200 volunteer clinicians worldwide.

Kurt Othmer along with his family continue to educate professionals and pioneer the clinical developments in the field.
Darla Meulemans, MA, CADC III, QMHP-C, OM Darla Meulemans, MA, CADC III, QMHP-C, OMC

Darla Meulemans received an undergraduate degree in Psychology & Biology from the University of Vermont and a MA in Counseling Psychology from Goddard College, where she met the requirements for licensure as a Psychologist in the state of Vermont. She relocated to Portland, Oregon and managed programs in community mental health and youth addiction treatment while also launching a private psychology and wellness practice, Mind Potential Northwest. Darla's work focuses on fostering resilience in individuals and workplaces. She provides Personal and Professional Development Coaching, Neurofeedback Mentoring and runs an online program integrating neuroscience based strategies with mental health skill building and holistic healing. Darla is a Certified Qualified Mental Health Professional and an Othmer Method Neurofeedback Practitioner. She holds additional certifications in Addiction Behavioral Medicine and Holistic Nutrition. She began working with the EEG Institute in 2018 when she was sponsored by the Brain Othmer Foundation to travel to India to conduct a customized Intro to Neurofeedback Course for teachers and counselors at the Tibetan Children's Villages.
Evvy Shapero, MA Evvy Shapero, MA

Evvy Shapero received her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. She has been working in the field of neurofeedback for more than sixteen years, and has been affiliated with the EEG Institute since its inception. Evvy has been training adults and children in her private practice for the past twelve years, where she creates an atmosphere of genuine concern and warmth toward her clients. Together they develop a treatment plan based on individual needs. Her practice specializes in chronic pain and pain management, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, migraines, PTSD, obsessive compulsive disorder and panic disorder.
Cheryl Soh, PGDE, OMC Cheryl Soh, PGDE, OMC

Cheryl was involved in neurofeedback since 2012 and has been OMC certified since 2017. She has experience in working with young children, teenagers, and adolescents including business executives seeking symptom reduction and performance enhancement.

Cheryl is also conversant with different therapies for developmental needs, dietary interventions, and bio-medical interventions. She has a passion to bring the best out in children with stress/anxiety issues, attention deficits, and developmental challenges.

Having been a trained physicist and educator all her life, Cheryl has been much appreciated and sought after by parents. Cheryl currently does corporate training and mentoring in Asia for neurofeedback.

Cheryl is fluent in English, Mandarin, Hokkien and knows basic Cantonese.
Clare Chisholm, MA, LPC Clare Chisholm, MA, LPC

Twenty years after earning a BA in English, history and secondary education; Clare completed her MA in Clinical Counseling and Psychology and was licensed as a LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) in Montana and later in Washington.

Clare began as a therapist in a treatment facility and then opened a private practice in Whitefish, MT. Because she was always interested in the brain and somatic and noninvasive therapies to facilitate positive client outcomes; Clare completed certification in EMG biofeedback and EEG Neurofeedback and added these modalities to her therapy practice. After her introduction to the Othmer Method of Neurofeedback in 1998; Clare has received an additional 280+ hours of continuing education and case consultation with the Othmer Method.

After moving to southern California in 2005, Clare volunteered with the initial team opening the Bell Shelter Neurofeedback Clinic for the Salvation Army. She later became the Neurofeedback Clinical Director at Haven House for Salvation Army on the Westside VA campus in Los Angeles until that facility closed. New Directions for Veterans incorporated Neurofeedback services into their program and Clare has been the Clinical Director of Neurofeedback services on the west Los Angeles campus since 2017. In this capacity, Clare has instructed and mentored many newly trained volunteers, interns, and clinicians.